What is a Big Volunteer Day?

Serve The City Big Volunteer Day serves now in 8 neighbourhoods around the city. Our Big Volunteer Day takes place at our hosts, BOZAR.

What we call a Big Volunteer Day is a day we want to dedicate to people who often get overlooked. We gather on a Saturday afternoon per month to Serve the City. You will be attributed to different projects, from distributing food for homeless people to sorting clothes to be donated or even play games with children.

The day will begin at BOZAR, where you will meet fellow volunteers and the project leaders around a presentation of Serve the City. At this moment, you will be told what project you are going to serve and will be on your way with your team.
We then gather at The Brew Dog to debrief and share your experience with fellow volunteers and team leaders around a drink.

You may come with your friends, family or alone and make new friends amongst the volunteers or the people we serve. Everyone that is interested in making a difference is welcome.

Please join us! Many people doing small things together can make a big difference!


12:00 -> Registration

12:15 -> Briefing

12:45 -> Teams leave for projects

16:30 -> debriefing with your project leader

17:00 -> After party at BrewDog

Please make sure to bring lunch and STIB tickets with you, as you may need it.

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