Our vision is to connect the resources of the city with the needs of the city, and we do this through facilitating volunteering. The private sector brings with it many resources, both human and financial and can thereforeplay an important role in contributing to the well-being of communities in Brussels. STC Brussels organises corporate volunteering events to make this connection. We believe in local and global corporate volunteering events and would be pleased to organise one for you. But the event is at its best when it is part of a larger ongoing commitment. It would be our privilege to work within your existing rCSR strategy or to help you improve or develop one, through consultations, trainings and leadership development, and ongoing connections to community needs.

  • For the last few years our colleagues have enjoyed deep and meaningful experiences in the community, thanks to Serve the City’s help during our month of corporate volunteering in September. We are so grateful!

    Inge Huijbrechts Carlson Rezidor

This type of activity falls into the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, but Serve the City believes the next generation of CSR should be rCSR, responsible, relational and reproducible Corporate Social Responsibility.

Why partner with Serve the City Brussels for your Corporate Social Responsibility activities?


  • Warm food for the poor and homelessWe have ten years of experience partnering with all types of non-profit associations in Brussels, who themselves have been working in the city for much longer.
  • We know the needs of these associations, as well as the needs of those they serve and their local communities
  • We are therefore uniquely placed to come alongside these associations to offer practical assistance through the support of volunteers.
  • We have led more than 50 corporate volunteering events,
  • We are experienced in matching the skills and interests of corporate groups to those needs.
  • Our approach combines teambuilding and making a positive impact on people and communities.

Corporate Volunteering Events can be organised for teams of any size, from a small group of 8-10 to a large group of several hundred. We believe in local and global corporate volunteering events and would be pleased to organise one for you. But the event is at its best when it is part of a larger ongoing commitment. It would be our privilege to work within your existing CSR strategy or to help you improve or develop and rCSR one, through consultations, trainings and leadership development, and ongoing connections to community needs.

  • Our organisation is starting a campaign on poverty, therefore we thought it important that our teambuilding activity is related to this issue and gives us very practical insight in the needs of the local community our organisation is based in. And what better place to do that than at SIA. We served soup, did a little cleaning up, and met people we would never have met otherwise. Serve the City could not have chosen a more suitable project for us, thank you!

    Kristine Jansone Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe


responsible CSR. Your activities are part of long-term sustainable involvement in the wider community. An rCSR portfolio takes into consideration a long-term plan for holistic social and societal development in partnerships with others.

relational CSR. Serve the City gives your organisation the opportunity to step into relationships of trust that are already established and growing. In reality, it’s the names we learn, the people we talk to, the friendships that begin to form that make rCSR most meaningful.

reproducible CSR. Reproducible means you could do this again. And you would want to. rCSR can fit in your day to day and week to week work lives, not just on your annual calendar.

Serve the City can provide a variety of rCSR solutions

  • Keep STC on retainer to have ongoing opportunities in real-time to relate to community needs as they emerge
  • Invite STC to consult with you to develop comprehensive rCSR strategies and commitments
  • Invite STC to present rCSR workshops or other training for directors or colleagues
  • Invite STC to speak at your event on issues related to rCSR
  • Contract with STC to provide a Global rCSR event for your organisation
  • Contract with STC to provide a local rCSR event in Belgium

More information and pricing available upon request.

rCSR Corporate Volunteering Event

What is the best format?

There are several formats for a successful rCSR event

  1.     One day/one site
  2.     One day/multiple sites
  3.     Multiple days/multiple sites
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1. One day/one site This option is best for small teams. There are few single projects that are appropriate for teams over 20. In a few instances there is a single site which can accommodate several teams serving in different areas or types of projects. Organisations often say they want everyone to stay together during the rCSR event, but in reality, most people engage meaningfully only with 5-10 others during the day. The best result for an organisation is to break the larger group down into smaller groups that are working nearby or on a similar project and come together during the debrief to share experiences.   2. One day/multiple sites This option is best for teams larger than 20. STC generally recommends a number of projects in close proximity so that the entire team easily starts and ends the day together and is making a difference together in a neighbourhood, such as the Marolles.   3. Multiple days/multiple sites STC can arrange a month of serving, for instance, where small teams of colleagues serve in a variety of locations throughout the month.

A successful STC rSCR Corporate Volunteering Event includes various components before, during and after the event.  Serve the City is happy to coordinate all of these elements or work in partnership with your organisation. For instance, some organisations prefer STC to provide Project Leaders and some prefer for colleagues to take leadership roles for the event.

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A successful STC rSCR Corporate Volunteering Event includes the following components:

Before the event

  • Meeting to discuss your organizational objectives, interests and abilities of your colleagues, and rCSR opportunities
  • Working within or helping to determine a long-term rCSR strategy
  • Selection of date(s) and project(s)
  • Communication to colleagues and project preferences
  • Preparing colleagues to serve as project leaders
  • Gathering project supplies

The event itself

  • Welcome coffee
  • Briefing
  • Projects
  • Lunch on site
  • Continuing projects
  • Celebration and debriefing
  • Project Clean-up

Following the event

  • Debrief with your organizing team and identifying next steps

Serve the City is happy to coordinate all of these elements or work in partnership with your organisation. For instance, some organisations prefer STC to provide Project Leaders and some prefer for colleagues to take leadership roles for the event.

Who will you be serving?

Serve the City focuses its efforts on 6 primary groups of need in the city: people who are homeless, asylum seekers, elderly, disabled, children in need, and victims of abuse.

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People who are homeless Our friends who live on the street are in a very vulnerable situation for a variety of reasons – their contract was terminated, their family has rejected them, they are without papers, or maybe they have made poor choices or are battling addictions. They appreciate the way our volunteers show them love and respect. They know we know they need encouragement and friendship as well as meals, clothes, and support to take steps towards a healthier life.   People who are asylum seekers The process of seeking asylum in a new country is very complicated. The procedure takes a long time and holds no guarantees of success. While in process, the asylum seeker has no country to call home. Often they have left horrendous situations in their home country, as well as family, friends, and a support network. We often encounter asylum seekers in refugee centers, but sometimes we find them they living on the street or in squats. We meet many interesting people with compelling stories to tell. The time we spend with them and the friendships we build are deeply meaningful.   People who are elderly We are all ageing, and hope to live long lives, but the later years can be one of the loneliest seasons of a person’s life. In Belgium people over the age of 65 years are encouraged to remain independent. This means, that by the time they move to an elderly home, they are often frail, lonely, and no longer in a position to take care of themselves. Conversations, simple games, music, and arts and crafts stimulate their minds and warm their hearts.   People with disabilities We are all abled and we are all disabled, in one way or another. But for some people, their disabilities take them out of the societal mainstream, into a life where they are better known for their disabilities than their abilities. Making matters worse, differently-abled people often feel uncomfortable in the presence of people with a visible disability. Our friends who are blind, deaf, in wheelchairs, or experience other physical, intellectual, or emotional challenges welcome the involvement and friendship of volunteers who are willing to see them as more than their disability.  When appropriate, we also offer to help them with physical tasks that they may not be able to accomplish by themselves.   Children in need Childhood is meant to be a time of joy and love and healthy development, but for many this is not the case. Children living in poverty or broken homes are particularly vulnerable. Many associations are seeking to come alongside children in need and offer help with homework, language, and social integration. We are pleased to join their efforts and engage with children in need in a creative, educational and interactive way, as well as provide some structure and order in what can be a very chaotic and difficult life.   Victims of abuse It is our privilege to be in relationship with centers in the city that provide a refuge for women and children who have been abandoned or abused and are in need of shelter and care. Their needs are met with respect and care, and gradually the pieces of their lives are put back together so they can get back on their feet and live in safety.  Volunteers who show kindness through manicures and beauty treatments could be among the first people they have trusted with such physical contact since their abuse.

How will you be serving?

In consultation with the social-profit association concerned and the volunteers, Serve the City sets up simple projects that are helpful to the association or the people it cares for whilst providing opportunites for volunteers to exercise their unique experience or abilities.  Projects generally fall into the following categories:

  • Sports,  Arts, Beauty, Food, Social,  Practical
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  • Sports – football, basketball, cycling, bowling, climbing
  • Arts – dance, photography, music, crafts
  • Beauty – manicures, haircuts, massage
  • Food – preparing and serving a meal, enjoying a meal together
  • Social – spending time together through coffee, games, excursions, etc
  • Practical – painting, gardening, cleaning, repairs, simple construction

Where will you be serving?

We have partnerships with over 40 different charities in Brussels who have dedicated themselves to serving the poor and marginalized in our city. Following are a few examples of Serve the City projects at local non-profit associations: Missionaries of Charity: Every day, nuns in Mother Theresa’s order prepare meals and serve the poor. Foyer Selah: Foyer Selah is home to more than 90 refugees from all over the world who have applied in Belgium for asylum. Almagic: An association that invites provides specially adapted bikes to persons with disabilities.

What are the costs?

There are several approaches to establishing a budget for your rCSR event. STC has the most experience with and prefers the first option as it simplifies the organisation of the activity for all concerned.

  1.     Standard (per person donation)
  2.     Donation (lump sum donation)
  3.     In-kind contribution
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1.  Standard Serve the City asks for a fee per person (HTVA), which includes

  • Meetings and communication with your organisation
  • Making all contacts and arrangements for projects
  • Providing (or training) Project Leaders
  • Gathering project supplies
  • STC t-shirt for all volunteers

Optional extras, to be determined in dialogue with your organisation

  • STC staff leads briefing/debriefing
  • Venues for briefing and celebration/debriefing
  • Welcome coffee, lunch, and celebration refreshments
  • Project supplies
  • Additional contributions to local associations

2. Donation A financial contribution is provided to STC that is in keeping with the parameters outlined above. Your organisation would give a general overview to the STC staff of what it is trying to accomplish, and its preferences, for example regarding the type of activity, and STC would work within this budget to provide the best possible experience for your organisation.   3. In-kind contribution In some cases there are contributions your organisation can make that would compensate for costs incurred by Serve the City in the future, such as hotel accommodations for visiting volunteers, speakers or conferences  facilities. Donations that STC could pass on to people in need are appreciated as a part of any rCSR event, but do not fit this category for budgeting purposes.

Serve the City has successfully organized rCSR events for the following organizations

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