Thousands of shocked, terrified and extremely vulnerable people are fleeing their country because of a destruction we can all barely understand. And they cannot be ignored. That is why Serve the City is taking immediate action. 

Serve the City is a movement of volunteers active in various cities around the world, such as Belgium and Poland. For years, Serve the City has helped people in need locally where it is implanted through volunteering.

Today, with the situation happening in Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people are leaving their home behind and seek refuge to neighbouring countries including Poland. In and around Kraków, our volunteers are partnering with local shelters and centers to welcome refugees, give them comfort, and distribute essential items. Our volunteers are also bringing these items all the way to the Ukrainian border, trying to help during this human disaster.

Serve the City Poland asked our network to help them with a list of supplies they are desperately lacking, from medicine to first aid kits, from diapers to blankets and more. And Serve the City community in Brussels responded to their call. With the support of our partner UPS, we have delivered 500 boxes with essential items to the team in Kraków, where our volunteers on the field will be able to disseminate to the people fleeing Ukraine who need it the most.


How can you still help?

But our work is not done yet. Refugees have already arrived in Belgium and we are ready to support them as well. Check out our projects where you can support them:

If you want to volunteer in these project in Brussels, please, register to shifts through our app ServeNow (download here).

If you prefer, you can also support this campaign financially below.

For questions please reach out to .

Our partner

Serve the City is partnering with UPS and the UPS Foundation to bring these urgently needed donations to our sister organisation Serve the City Poland, based in Kraków, where we will be able to distribute them to those is distress. Thank you, UPS, for providing the resources for this to happen, and thanks to all UPS employees that are supporting this initiative with their time, skills and donations.

If you would like to know more about how UPS and the UPS Foundation are helping in this (and other) humanitarian crisis, please click here.

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