Once a month STC Brussels organises what we call a ‘Focus Day’ – because we want to focus our attention on people who often get overlooked. We believe that many people want to do something to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our city, but they don’t know where to start. We want to be that starting place. We also believe that many people doing small things together can make a big difference.

STC has been developing relationships for more than 10 years with some of the most inspiring and amazing non-profit associations in our city who are caring for people in need 24/7. A Focus Day is an opportunity to come alongside them and serve. Maybe they hand us a knife and we peel potatoes, or maybe they point us to the back room they never have time to organise because they are too busy and under-staffed. We arrive in small teams led by a trained Project Leader, ready to serve.

Your job is to decide to join us and register. If you have any serving preferences let us know. Maybe your preference is who you serve – people who are homeless, or people seeking asylum, or people who are disabled, or elderly, or children in need or victims of abuse. Maybe you already know a center where you enjoy serving. Maybe your preference is how you serve – something practical, serving meals, beauty-related projects, sports, something artistic, something social. Or maybe your preference is about who you want to serve with. Just keep in mind that we don’t always have every kind of project available, so we can only say we will do our best to match your preferences. It’s also great to say ‘no preference, I’m just here to serve!’

There are three parts to a Focus Day – the briefing, serving together, and the debriefing.

These are all very important, so don’t skip a step! We all gather together for the briefing because we are not just serving the city, we are building a serving community. Just prior to the briefing there is an optional time of prayer in case you would like to join a small group of people who will pray for the day. The debriefing will happen with your team, after your project.

Focus Day Schedule

12:15 – Optional prayer time
12:30 – Registration
12:50 – Welcome and briefing
13:15 – Leave for projects
16:00 – Projects end
16:15 – Debrief in your neighbourhood
16:45 – End of focus day
(join your team for a drink locally or head home)

What to bring?
  • lunch and a drink
  • public transport pass
  • wear clothes that can get dirty
  • a smile, good sense of humour, and an open mind


Coworking Les Galeries
Galerie du Roi, 30
1000 Brussels

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