Giving Tuesday: Mobile Library

Every Tuesday in December 2020, we will present one of our projects. Today, Debra and Lidia talk about our project Mobile Library. Click here to know more about Giving Tuesday.

The Mobile Library project was established 5 years ago from the initiative of Andrea, a volunteer at Serve the City. The purpose of this project is to distribute books to people that do not have access to them or to a library. The project is based on book donations and gather books from different languages and genre. The team goes out every Thursday to distribute books on the street and in shelters.

“Many people might wonder why people in difficult situations are still interested in books, but what we see week after week is that people still want to keep up with their readings, keep their mind active and pass the time a bit more pleasantly. They also ask us for books about topics that they would like to learn about, such as languages which is important for people especially when they are new to Belgium” says Deborah.

Lidia adds: “It’s a human experience, to meet different people, learn about their stories and share their stories. We see that people come back to meet us, get more books from us, or come back just to have a chat. That’s very nice.”

You can help support Serve the City and Mobile Library project by donating now. Even a small amount can make a big difference. Why not helping us plan ahead by becoming a monthly donor?

Let’s celebrate the #GivingTuesday together.

Thank you for your kindness!

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