Walk Against Poverty

I arrive at my job, prepare my coffee and suddenly I receive a call from Nathan, who tells me to go into the street to join the walk [...]

Comfort zone

Little did I know that this spring would blossom in my life like never before. An experience that was both foreign, and in a strange [...]

Kindness knows no age

Many can agree that our future lies in the hands of tiny human beings; the children of our society. They are our successors, [...]

Focus Day 8th October 2016

More than 100 people each month serve in Brussels at a STC Focus Day – now in 5 neighbourhoods around the city. We call it a Focus Day [...]

Join the 20K Dream Team!

Join Serve the City’s Dream Team for the Brussels 20K run on 29 May 2016 to help raise funds to support STC projects like: a meal [...]

Independence through cycling

In November, Serve the City Director, Tony Stippelmans based in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, attended a workshop about cycling courses for [...]

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