Frequently Asked Questions

Are the weekly projects child-friendly?

If you would like to bring your children along to participate in volunteering, we recommend that you attend a Big Volunteer Day, this is held once a month on a Saturday afternoon.  It is recommended not to bring children along to weekly projects.

Are there any projects I can join in my neighbourhood?

We have projects all around Brussels, but the main neighbourhoods we are serving in are: Marolles, Schaerbeek, Ste. Catherine, Ixelles, Etterbeek, St. Gilles, Anderlecht, Woluwe-St-Lambert.

Can I be a Project Leader?

Yes! We organise trainings for project leaders a few times every year. You can check our website to look for the upcoming training session.

Can I do an internship at Serve the City?

Yes. If you are available to commit to at least 3 months for a part or full time internship, please contact us. Please note that at this stage we are only able to offer unpaid internships.

Can I donate money to Serve the City?

Yes, we appreciate any financial support that donors are able to provide so that we can continue to serve those around us.  Click Here for details on how to give.

Do I get a tax reduction for my donation?

In short YES!

In long:

Serve the City is since 2020 a nonprofit recognised by the FPS Finances. Every donor who pays taxes in Belgium and donated to us 40 € or more during the year 2020 will receive a tax reduction of 60% of the total amount donated (e.g. if you donated to us 100 € in 2020, you will have a tax reduction of 60 €).

But to be able to do this, we do need your physical address, or we can’t deliver the receipt, so make sure to fill it in the form above.

More information from the FPS Finances can be found here (in French).

Do we need to wear a Serve the City shirt on projects?

We would love it if you do however, it is not essential.

Do you accept furniture?

Serve the City Brussels is not able to intermediate donations consisting in furniture.

Do you accept men’s clothing?

Serve the City does not accept men’s clothing. We recommend you to check with Hub Humanitaire, Solidarité Grand Froid, Les Petits Riens or Oxfam.

Do you accept toys?

Serve the City Brussels is not able to intermediate donations consisting of toys. We recommend you to check with Hub Humanitaire, Solidarité Grand Froid, Les Petits Riens or Oxfam.

Do you accept women’s clothing?

Serve the City Brussels is not able to intermediate donations consisting of women’s clothing. We recommend you to check with Hub Humanitaire, Solidarité Grand Froid, Les Petits Riens or Oxfam.

Do you need to know another language (French/Dutch) to participate in projects?

It is always an asset to be able to speak multiple languages, however, it’s not essential for many of our projects.  There are some projects that do require other language proficiency, so please check out our website for specific project requirements.

How can I volunteer?

You can join our Weekly Serving Opportunities, One-on-One projects, Monthly Big Volunteer Days or the Big Volunteer Week.

For our Weekly Serving Opportunities, we invite you to come to one of our information sessions where you will get to know us better and ask us questions about projects that interest you. After the session, you will receive a list with all the projects and the contacts of the respective project leaders. You can then send an email to the project leader to ask about further details. For our Monthly Events and the Big Volunteer Week, the registration is online a few weeks before the event.

How do I know if I am registered for an Information Session?

You will receive an email confirmation telling you that you are registered to attend the information session that you have selected.  If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your spam/junk box in your email account first, then email us at if you still didn’t find it.

How long is the information session? 

We try to keep our information sessions short. On average the session takes 30 minutes to complete.

I am under 18 years of age, am I able to participate?

If you are under 18 years of age you will need to be accompanied by an adult/guardian to participate in Serve the City projects.

I cannot attend the Information Session I selected, is it possible to reschedule?

Of course, you can reschedule by simply signing up for a different info session that suits your timetable better on our website!

I cannot attend the times listed on the website, is there any other times available for the Information Sessions? 

Unfortunately, the times listed on the website are currently the only scheduled times available.  If you aren’t able to attend any of these times, we recommend attending one of our Big Volunteer Days (on a Saturday) to become familiarised with our projects.

I would really like to use my professional skills to serve, (nursing, hairdressing, teacher), is this possible?

Definitely, we really encourage people to use their natural giftings and talents to serve with us.  When you attend an information session, please tell the Project Leader what skills you have and your interests and we will be able to match you up to any relevant projects.

If I sign up for a weekly project that takes place more than once a week, do I have to come on each of those days?

No, you don’t have to. You can choose the day(s) that suit(s) you best and sign up for shifts accordingly.

If I sign up for the Big Volunteer Week, do I have to join every day?

No, you don’t have to. You can choose the day(s) that suit(s) you best.

Is Serve the City a religious organisation?

Serve the City was founded on the ethos of ‘serving like Jesus’, however, is not a religious organization.  Our projects are open to people from all different backgrounds and faiths and we welcome everyone to participate in our projects.

Is there an Age Policy regarding volunteering with Serve the City?

Children under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or a guardian over 21 years (with approval signed by the parents).

Once I have attended an information session, how long do I wait to hear from my Project Leader?

We recommend that you allow 1-2 weeks to hear back from your new Project Leader.  If you have not heard from them by this time, please email us at to let us know.

What if I don’t have any volunteering experience?

Here at Serve The City, we welcome first-time volunteers, as there is no better time to start than right now.

What if I have limited availability to volunteer, can I still help?

Yes, we welcome everyone who wants to serve to be involved in our projects.  We have lots of different projects to choose from, mornings, during the day, evenings and even weekends.  So please feel free to attend one of our information sessions and our Project Leader will be able to provide you with information on projects that suit your schedule.

What is the Big Volunteer Week?

Big Volunteer Week is a week of serving projects taking place all around Brussels. Hundreds of volunteers from all around the world will join us to serve people in need.

We will organise serving opportunities allowing volunteers to serve alongside local associations who are assisting the needs of:

  • Homeless
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Children in need
  • Victims of abuse


What kind of donations do you accept?

Currently, we only accept the following in-kind donations:

  • Books in Arabic, Tigrinya, Tigre or Dahlik.
  • Food supplies for Breakfast4Refugees (please call for more information).

Unless specified otherwise at our events, we do not accept clothes or toys as we are not equipped to sort them through to bring them to the people who need them. We recommend you to check with Hub Humanitaire, Solidarité Grand Froid, Les Petits Riens or Oxfam.

What language do I have to speak in order to volunteer?

English is enough for most projects, however knowledge of French and/or Dutch is often a bonus. However, certain projects that work with children or the elderly or in education require a certain level of French or Dutch. When it is the case, the project page indicates it.

What language is the information session held in? 

All our Information Sessions are held in English.  However, if you don’t speak English, then please email us at and we will try and assist with different language requirements.

What will we discuss in the information session? 

We will discuss the projects that you are interested in joining as well as giving some background information about Serve the City! Before coming, you can also have a look at our website to find out which projects you would like to do and you can ask us questions about them during the info session.

When is the Big Volunteer Week taking place?

The Big Volunteer Week typically takes place each year towards the end of June or the beginning of July. Exact dates are here.

Where is the information session held?

Our Serve the City Information Sessions are held at our Head Office, located at Place Van Miel 15A, 1040 Etterbeek.

Attention ! Due to the current COVID-19 situation our information sessions are held exclusively online. Click  here for more information.

Who can participate to the Big Volunteer Week?

Individuals, school groups, scout groups, churches, companies, local and visiting volunteers – everyone who is looking for an opportunity to help someone in need, meet new people and make new friends. However, please note that you may not be assigned to the same project as your colleague if you come as part of a company / group. If this is a requirement, please have a look at our Corporate Volunteering page.

Who is going to be attending the Information Session?

The information sessions are hosted by one of our many great Project Leaders, and many new volunteers like yourself will be attending.  So it is a great opportunity to meet and greet fellow volunteers and get to know the heart behind Serve the City.

Why do I need to attend an Information Sessions? 

At our information sessions, we tell you about the heart behind what we do here at Serve the City.  You’ll find out about our vision to see the city transformed and discover more about the available projects.  It’s also a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people in your local community.

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