Our Mobile Library needs drivers!

Our Mobile Library needs drivers. Therefore we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who can join our team of drivers to provide this very important service for our mobile library.

Our library supports the needs of refugees and homeless who have time to spare but nothing to fill it. We give them books to read, to aspire, to educate and to help them back on a path that most take for granted. A path of normal life where a book is not a dream but a reality, that takes them to a place of hope.

Therefore we need your help. Some days and times are fixed, but others are flexible to suit you, maybe you can help on a weekly basis, maybe once a month? We have a project manager who coordinates the schedule. You need to have a “B” driving license (same as for a car).

Jan 15 2019

Pub Quiz

15 January 2019 at 19:00

Feb 12 2019

Pub Quiz

12 February 2019 at 19:00

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Join our biggest event of the year, and gather with hundreds of volunteers from all around the world. We offer you a chance to connect beyond borders and to experience how we can make a big difference when we come together to help our neighbours in the streets of Brussels.

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We want to strengthen relationships between neighbours and respond to the needs that only locals really understand, so now look out for us in various points throughout the city!

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