The sun is starting to show its glowing face and the wind is getting softer on the cheeks! The city is calling for you to get out and enjoy, and we have the perfect occasion for you to do it!

We are gathering a Serve the City Team for the 20k on May 28, 2017 and we would love for you to come join us! We are looking for at least 50 runners to run with us, and we hope to raise 10,000€ to support our many projects around our wonderful city of Brussels. Everyone is welcome, and there is no need to be a super athlete – gather your friends, colleagues, neighbors and strangers on the street to run, walk, skip, or hop at the Brussels 20k this May!
50 runners
10.000 € raised
We will gather on this project for a good cause, and running on the Serve the City Teams means being proactive in raising donations through sponsorships. To reach our goal of 10,000€ we hope each runner will raise around 200€. Be creative, there are many ways to gather donations – you can auction the possibility to shave your beard (if you have one) like one of our creative runners did last year. You can wear a dress, a hat or anything people will pay to watch you flaunt on your way. Only your imagination sets the limits!


The participation fee is 40€ per person which is made up by the registration fee to the event and a Serve the City running shirt.

Registration is open, and the sooner you register the closer to the starting line you will be, so don’t wait too long!

If you aren’t a runner, donations directly to Serve the City are still deeply appreciated.


We will reach out to you soon with further information on joint running sessions, help and ideas on how to do fundraising, and general updates.

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