Denise Lyness

Denise is from Dublin. She works as event manager and due to her shift work, she has some free time during the week. She wanted to give some of that time to a creative writing group and especially young people, so she decided to volunteer with Fighting Words as Creative Writing Tutor to get involved with their creative writing and animation workshops that they run for young people, to help the kids and to learn something new herself.

As Creative Writing Tutor, she helps to facilitate the workshops and provides support for the young people with their writing and


“I really learn a lot from the kids. Every day is different. It just does your heart good sometimes and the kids are so funny. I’m actually learning to write properly myself, so it’s not all give, give, give. “

“(I just want to say, if anybody is thinking about volunteering, they should definitely do it.) It took me a long time to actually sign up, because I thought I have no time. But even an hour a week can change your life and make you so much happier. Giving is just the way forward. “

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