It’s always about food… and a kitchen

Once upon a summer day of 2005, the very first Big Volunteer Week ended in celebration. The celebration of volunteers involved in projects all over the city, the celebration of human beings helping other human beings, the celebration of a neighbourhood, with a meal served and shared with 500 people at the very heart of Brussels, place du Jeu de Balle.

From the very beginning, feeding those in need has been at the core of Serve the City’s mandate. Volunteers have painted walls, cleaned basements, played football with kids and much more, but food outreach was always there and has become increasingly present over the years, with projects such as Le Phare, Lunch 4 Refugees and Solidarity Breakfast. We witnessed the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the poorest and the devastating consequences that this continues to have. As a result, Serve the City increased its food outreach programs, in partnership with amazing organisations such as the Community Kitchen, Salvation Army and other great non-profits across Brussels.

But could we do more?

With our move to a new office at the beginning of 2021, we felt that  we could do more and the time was right time to equip the office with a semi-professional kitchen! Our goal with the new kitchen is to increase our capacities, better support our current projects, and also develop new projects. With the new kitchen, we will have the opportunity to cook warm and healthy meals directly at our offices. We will be able to accomplish so much more and have a much bigger impact on the lives of the people we serve.

But – as there is always a but –  such a kitchen costs quite a bit of money. And that’s where you can help! Our goal is to raise 10.000 €.

Thank you! Thanks to your amazing generosity, we have reached our target. We will keep you updated when we have the kitchen!

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