Iryna Lytvyn

Iryna had been curious about a poster she had seen in her neighbourhood in Ballsbridge about a regular organised clean-up of the canals. Although she had often thought about it, it was only after joining the Get Connected project that she signed up and went along. The group meets up on an assigned Saturday morning and clear litter from the canal. Iryna loves it and says that there is a real sense of community there. There are people in the group who have been doing this for five years and also new members every time. Because she lives in Ballsbridge, it is a real opportunity for her to meet her neighbours. She loves it so much indeed that it has led on to her becoming a canal ambassador.

Iryna also joined a group called Blue Fire. They are an inner city enterprise and she volunteered with them to produce this year’s DublInternational Festival. Iryna has a qualification in digital marketing but unfortunately, is unable to work in Dublin. She was concerned about losing these skills, so she was delighted when she was able to not only keep these skills sharp but also support a vibrant community focused group like Bluefire.

Iryna captured her “journey” as a volunteer in her blog. You can find it here:



“When I first started volunteering, my husband didn’t come along but now, he has also caught the bug! Recently, when I volunteered with the Rock and Roll Marathon, he came along to take photos. Very soon though, he was handing out t-shirts himself!”

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