Sustainable Food, Materials and Energy Lifecycles

Serve the City Brussels projects are community projects. As an organisation, we support several Sustainable Development Goals. In the context of the Sustainable Lifecycles project, we invite you to join us in the global endeavour to protect the environment, act as a community and think about socio-economic and eco-friendly business models.

Since September 2019, Serve the City Brussels has begun investigating ways to reduce food and materials waste in its projects and to operate in a more energy-efficient manner. We wish to change our internal procurement policy to ensure we use fair trade and eco-friendly products and we want to induce change also in the relation with our partners (numerous Brussels-based NGOs that help people in need) and clients (companies and public institutions for which we organise team building events).

In the context of the Sustainable Food, Materials and Energy Lifecycles project and its two subprojects Recycle With Us and Energy Efficiency and Saving Hints, we reach out to citizens, public institutions and companies. Our goal is to contribute to the circular economy in Brussels by raising awareness about better recycling practices and energy efficient behaviour.

Our activities

Recycle With Us

  • Surveying residents of Brussels and tourists about their knowledge of and attitude towards Brussels’ recycling rules
  • Educational awareness-raising
  • Identified and implemented a new waste reduction strategy for Breakfast for Refugees at Parc Maximilien

Energy Efficiency and Saving Hints

Educational awareness-raising on energy efficiency and energy saving tips during the holiday period (city centre)

Green Procurement

  • Evaluation of Serve the City food projects and internal procurement processes
  • Implementation of better green practices
  • Reach out to project partners to assess needs, obstacles and opportunities for better collaboration using a circular economy approach

Community Garden

  • Planting vegetables in raised garden beds
  • Supplying community kitchen projects with the harvest
  • Educational program on ‘How to make ecosystem services visible’

Gemma’s tree planting project 2019

Gardening project

News Corner

Do you want to help us to improve our projects and other citizens to live more sustainably?

Please participate in our e-Survey on Energy, Eco-Products and Recycling Habits

Did you know?

Our team questioned 110 people in the centre of Brussels. All of them said that recycling is important for the environment, but only two thirds said they were aware of the recycling rules of Brussels.

Opportunities to contribute in Brussels (individuals & companies):

Le CPAS crée un centre de recyclage et réparation d’appareils électroménagers

Coucou propose dès lors un service de location de robes & accessoires de seconde main pour tous types d’occasions fournit gratuitement aux entreprises souhaitant intégrer ou ayant intégré l’économie circulaire dans leur business model une série d’outils et d’accompagnements (offres de financement)


Join Big Volunteer Days

  • Community Gardening Project (garden maintenance & educational program)
  • Green Procurement for STC Food Projects

Register via ServeNow App

Online Green Brainstorming

Join the green brainstorming session for project development, educational strategizing and writing funding proposals on the topics:

  • Green Procurement / Bio- & Fair Trade Products (current focus)
  • Logistics of food delivery to reduce food waste
  • Electricity providers and smart electric meters for household and corporate use
  • Community gardening project

Next session: tbc 

Join us. Make a difference!

Do you wish to join during the Big Volunteer Day or Green Brainstorming?

Would you like to collaborate with us in a funded project?

Do you want us to organise your next team building event?

Contact us:

The team

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