31 Days in Belgium

A couple of months back, Serve the City received a lovely message on our Facebook page. It came from Zoe and Tim, two delightful artists from New Zealand. They are in Belgium as part of an ongoing project called 31 Days In. In this project, they create a work of art for each day here, each one illustrating an aspect of living in Belgium. Their distinctive pieces create a sense of what it feels like to live in such an eclectic, diverse country. These colorful, joyful prints present Belgium with a beautiful energy.

Z oe and Tim have travelled all over doing their project. It has taken them to Barcelona, Spain; western Australia; and Wellington, New Zealand. They choose a local charity and contribute a portion of the sales of their prints once the project is complete. We are so pleased to have been the selected charity for Belgium.

View and order their incredible prints HERE.

To learn more about Tim and Zoe, check out these links:




We are excited to continue following your adventure. Thank you, Tim and Zoe!!

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