Comfort zone

Little did I know that this spring would blossom in my life like never before. An experience that was both foreign, and in a strange way, familiar. I decided to try for the first time to go beyond my comfort zone and do something daring that I never before tried – volunteering for Serve the City. “What does volunteering mean?”- I questioned myself.  I found the answer in the smiles of  people’s faces, the happiness in their eyes, the fire in their hearts. It was not only about the practicality of the project, but rather the interactions, shared stories, and the endless laughter.  Life is a rollercoaster of experiences; some are bumpy, some are smooth, some are memorable and some have a life changing effect. Many aim for that  table-turning experiences, leaving them disappointed, distressed, anxious, when not achieved. I believe, volunteering with Serve the City allowed me to have the extraordinary experience I, and most long for. It widened my perspective about the invisible needs many face daily, developing me as an individual, and a fellow human being who had the chance to hear the inspiring stories of courageous people from lands far-far away.

Elizabet Torosyan, April 2017

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