On the occasion of World Environment Day Serve the City, Belcompetence and the Constellation invite you to the première of the touching and timely documentary ‘Waste Time’. Waste Time is a story from people of the small island Saparua in East-Indonesia. They understand that it is time to address waste if they want to reach their joined vision of living on a happy and green island. Thus, they joined forces to find local solutions for environmental challenges. The traditional guardian of nature invites us all to think about: “Who else, if not us?”

Worried about the language? We will play the film with subtitles in the language spoken by the most participants and have a second screen playing at the same time with subtitles in the other language.

The documentary will be followed by a debate with members of Serve the City , Belcompetence and the Constellation on managing waste and concrete tips and ideas from the organisation Plastic Attack.


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