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While the Covid-19 pandemic seem to have put everything on hold, we have been busy developing projects for the most vulnerable. Indeed, the crisis has hit people in need even harder, and they need your help now more than ever.

jan. 27 2021

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27 januari 2021 om 19:00

Wekelijkse projecten

Our weekly projects allow volunteers to explore different parts of Brussels through engaging and serving the people of the city. Each day offers a new opportunity!

Maandelijkse Focus Days

Once every month, we turn our focus on one day, where we gather our forces and provide you with the opportunity to serve alongside more than 100 other volunteers in a dozen of different projects! Experience the team spirit and the joy of giving on Big Volunteer Day!

Big Volunteer Week

Join our biggest event of the year, and gather with hundreds of volunteers from all around the world. We offer you a chance to connect beyond borders and to experience how we can make a big difference when we come together to help our neighbours in the streets of Brussels.

We brengen vrijwilligers samen

We build relationships with local associations that are caring for people in need and create opportunities for volunteers to serve.

Partners & Sponsors

Serving Stories

Serving Stories is a podcast from Serve the City International, presenting stories of volunteering from the Serve the City movement from all over the world. Below are three episodes about Brussels, a COVID Kindness, one at Breakfast4Refugees, and one at La Porte d’Ulysse.

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