What a Year!

For this last edition of the Giving Tuesday, we wanted to take some time to thank you properly.

2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. One thing is for sure: we could not have done it without you.

We thank you for your moral support

As with many other activities, the volunteering sector was hit especially hard by the covid-19 pandemic. However, the amazing engagement and willingness of our volunteers to continue serving and give back to the most vulnerable, gave us the strength to continue spreading kindness.

We thank you for your volunteering support

Due to the many sanitary measures in place, we had to cancel most of our usual events. Thanks to our amazing volunteers, we were able to maintain some of our weekly projects, such as Le Phare, Lunch4Refugees, Mobile Library, and even open new projects, like the G4S Care Refugee Centre. Moreover, we were also able to maintain our Big Volunteer Days almost every month. Check out how we were able to adapt the Big Volunteer Days to the sanitary measures here. This year, we also developed our very own app ServeNow which enables volunteers to instantly and easily register for volunteering shifts.

We thank you for your financial support

After losing two-third of our revenue streams, getting back on our feet was a big challenge. However, thanks to your amazing donations, we were able to continue spreading kindness, and support the most vulnerable with your weekly projects. Until the 31st of December 2020, you will be able to get 60% of your donation back. Check out how to be eligible to the financial deduction here. From 2021 onwards, the financial deduction will be reduced to 45%.


Thanks to you, in 2020, we were able to serve 50 000 hot drinks, 3500 hot meals, 25 000 deserts, 6000 lunch bags, and much more.


What will 2021 bring?

We already have some exciting news for 2021! Our beloved project Breakfast 4 Refugees is going to start again, although in a different form. Stay tuned! Our next edition of the Big Volunteer Day will take place on the 9th of January. You can register to make lunch bags here. On the 12th of January, we will be hosting our first Zoom-In event of 2021. Our volunteering coordinator Mahmoud will be sharing his personal story as a refugee and talk about his journey from Syria to Belgium. You can register here.

Again, Serve the City would like to thank you for your relentless support. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021. Stay safe and healthy!

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