We went to the zoo

We wanted to offer them an experience that they could not forget, and WE DID IT! We took the families residing at the Jourdan Centre in Brussels to the zoo in an amazing day full of excitement [...]

Quelle belle aventure !

En mai 2021, Juliette et Marie ont rejoint l'équipe de Serve the City pour un stage de deux mois. Découvrez ce que c'est que de faire partie de notre équipe !

L’histoire de Jennie

Les bénévoles du projet Le Phare préparent et distribuent des repas durables et végétariens grâce à des interactions personnelles avec leurs bénéficiaires dans le quartier de Sainte Catherine.

Creating a lingua franca between refugees & migrants

5 months ago, our volunteers Jon & Olivia decided to launch English-learning classes for migrants and refugees at the Red Cross Centre. Research shows that language-learning is a crucial factor [...]

It all started with a cup of coffee

In 2015, an unprecedented wave of refugees and migrants came to Europe looking for a safe place to live. In Brussels, many of them were forced to camp and live at the Parc Maximilien. Witnessing [...]

What a Year!

For this last edition of the Giving Tuesday, we wanted to take some time to thank you properly. 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. One thing is for sure: we could not have done [...]

Giving Tuesday: Lunch 4 Refugees

Today is Tuesday 15th of December, meaning that we are back with the #GivingTuesday! This week, our volunteers Lucinda and Ingrid present you our Lunch4refugees! This project originally started 4 [...]

Giving Tuesday: Mobile Library

Every Tuesday in December 2020, we will present one of our projects. Today, Debra and Lidia talk about our project Mobile Library. Click here to know more about Giving Tuesday. The Mobile Library [...]

Giving Tuesday: Le Phare

Every Tuesday in December 2020, we will present one of our projects. Today, Anne, Marie and Frank talk about our beloved project Le Phare, one of the oldest projects at Serve the City. Click here [...]