Developments in European Migration Policy: When the Sanitary Crisis Worsens the Migration Crisis in Europe

Over the past week, tragic events and developments on European Migration and Asylum Seekers Policy have been happening over the European continent. Here’s what happened in Moria and Calais, and [...]

A wonderful organisation

During the 2019 Big Volunteer Week, the German School from Brussels (iDSB) participated with around 60 kids and 10 teachers and parents to the Thursday activities. Among these kids, Tara, now 12 [...]

Global Volunteer Day 2020

On Saturday May 9th, Serve the City had its annual Global Volunteer Day. Serve the City is a global movement of volunteers showing kindness in personal ways to people in need. Every year, Serve [...]

A Thousand Days of Breakfast

This week marks just over a thousand days since I’ve been involved in the Breakfast for Refugees (B4R) project with Serve the City, and what a whirlwind it has been! Countless incredible [...]

You don’t know how much you can do for someone until you try it yourself

“When you are walking down the street and you see a homeless person you wouldn’t normally stop to talk to them, but once you have this powerful sandwich in your hand, you can start a [...]

L’Îlot: an islet of hope in the center of Brussels

Cold had just arrived to Brussels and the sun had left some hours ago. We wait until we are all ready and we go inside. L’Îlot is a temporary crisis shelter for women in need. Volunteers go there [...]

Serve with why

Almost 15 years ago, in July 2005, Serve the City Brussels had its first Big Volunteer Week. There were many projects, but the most important one, the one that started the movement, was a [...]

Here I have a second family

Meet Paola, our project leader of “Petites Soeurs des Pauvres.” You can find her every Wednesday at Petites Soeurs des Pauvres helping at the kitchen and interacting with the elderly. [...]