2023, a year of growth

As we step into 2024, we can’t help but look back on 2023 and be inspired by all that the Serve the City community achieved in 12 months. It was a year of up and downs, but what truly stands out [...]

Het verhaal van Tim

Vrijwilligers in het Jourdancentrum voor asielzoekers van Samusociale helpen kinderen zowel bij het leren van een taal (Frans en Nederlands) als bij het maken van huiswerk. Kinderen nemen elke [...]

It’s all about solidarity

Serve the City has always strived to help people in need. When it became clear that the situation in Ukraine was quickly becoming a humanitarian crisis, we knew that we could not sit by and watch. 

We went to the zoo

We wanted to offer them an experience that they could not forget, and WE DID IT! We took the families residing at the Jourdan Centre in Brussels to the zoo in an amazing day full of excitement [...]