Creating a lingua franca between refugees & migrants

The ‘English for Refugees’ project hosts informal English language classes for beneficiaries at the Red Cross centre. The project started in February 2021 as a response to requests to provide [...]

It’s always about food… and a kitchen

Once upon a summer day of 2005, the very first Big Volunteer Week ended in celebration. The celebration of volunteers involved in projects all over the city, the celebration of human beings [...]

What a Year!

For this last edition of the Giving Tuesday, we wanted to take some time to thank you properly. 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least. One thing is for sure: we could not have done [...]

Giving Tuesday: Lunch 4 Refugees

Today is Tuesday 15th of December, meaning that we are back with the #GivingTuesday! This week, our volunteers Lucinda and Ingrid present you our Lunch4refugees! This project originally started 4 [...]

Giving Tuesday: Mobile Library

Every Tuesday in December 2020, we will present one of our projects. Today, Debra and Lidia talk about our project Mobile Library. Click here to know more about Giving Tuesday. The Mobile Library [...]

Giving Tuesday: Le Phare

Every Tuesday in December 2020, we will present one of our projects. Today, Anne, Marie and Frank talk about our beloved project Le Phare, one of the oldest projects at Serve the City. Click here [...]

Developments in European Migration Policy: When the Sanitary Crisis Worsens the Migration Crisis in Europe

Over the past week, tragic events and developments on European Migration and Asylum Seekers Policy have been happening over the European continent. Here’s what happened in Moria and Calais, and [...]

A wonderful organisation

During the 2019 Big Volunteer Week, the German School from Brussels (iDSB) participated with around 60 kids and 10 teachers and parents to the Thursday activities. Among these kids, Tara, now 12 [...]