Creating a lingua franca between refugees & migrants

5 months ago, our volunteers Jon & Olivia decided to launch English-learning classes for migrants and refugees at the Red Cross Centre. Research shows that language-learning is a crucial factor [...]

Volunteer at the Rafaël Centre

The Rafaël Centre is moving out and needs your help! The Rafaël association is a centre that offers housing for people in financial difficulties and precarious situations. They are moving out [...]

It all started with a cup of coffee

In 2015, an unprecedented wave of refugees and migrants came to Europe looking for a safe place to live. In Brussels, many of them were forced to camp and live at the Parc Maximilien. Witnessing [...]


Nous recherchons des conducteur-rices pratiquement tous les jours. Nous pouvons avoir besoin de vous pour des différentes tâches, telles qu’aller chercher ou déposer de la nourriture, du [...]

Being a Refugee is not a Choice: Sharing a personal story

Being a refugee is not a choice!  The ZOOM IN panel discussion is a training experience we offer to our volunteers, who are keen on gaining new knowledge on specific relevant contemporary issues. [...]

Online Pub Quiz

Are you a trivia whiz? Want to be part of fun competition with your friends? Brussel’s Best Pub Quiz is back online, this Wednesday 28th of April at 19:00. The teams are 6 members maximum. [...]