Creating a lingua franca between refugees & migrants

5 months ago, our volunteers Jon & Olivia decided to launch English-learning classes for migrants and refugees at the Red Cross Centre. Research shows that language-learning is a crucial factor [...]

It all started with a cup of coffee

In 2015, an unprecedented wave of refugees and migrants came to Europe looking for a safe place to live. In Brussels, many of them were forced to camp and live at the Parc Maximilien. Witnessing [...]


Logistics at Serve the City

Logistics at Serve the City is a project where we ask (sometimes spontaneously) for your help and support for various activities. It can range from making sandwiches, to collect lunch bags, drive [...]

English 4 Refugees

In cooperation with Welcome Home International, Serve the City offers English classes for asylum seekers at the Red Cross centre. We are looking for volunteers each week to help support these [...]

Games with Refugees

Every Saturday afternoon from 14:00 to 16:30, our team organises fun activities for asylum seekers staying at the Red Cross centre, including playing board games, card games, distribution of [...]