A wonderful organisation

During the 2019 Big Volunteer Week, the German School from Brussels (iDSB) participated with around 60 kids and 10 teachers and parents to the Thursday activities. Among these kids, Tara, now 12 years old, went with a small group to the parc Maximilien to bring food and socialise with migrants.

Just like the rest of my class, I was very excited the day before our Serve the City project. We were looking forward to helping people and getting to know them and their stories. We were curious to see how they would react when we served them meals and we wanted to know why people in need had emigrated.

When we finally arrived at the Serve the City location, we washed our hands and then started making sandwiches. We were told to value presentation over speed, which I think is really important because Serve the City is not just about serving meals but also making friends with homeless people and treating them to a lovingly-prepared meal.

I really enjoyed speaking to people and was really happy that people smiled when I served them the food. We also gave out some hygiene products and sun cream and were happy to see many smiling faces. Once I had given out everythig that was in my rucksack, I spent the rest of the time talking to two men from Nigeria. I learnt a lot from my Serve the City day and noticed how friendly and caring the people in the park were. It really changed my perception of them and now I’m very happy to help anyone in need.

© Claudio Caputo

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