What an adventure!

Serve the City receives every year dozens of interns help us manage our different projects and provide logistical support to our organisation and our partners. Marie and Juliette stayed for two months with us, and they truly became part of the Serve the City family. 

Juliette and Marie arrived in Brussels at the beginning of May 2021, ready to start their big Belgian adventure. Their brightness and cheerfulness stood out since the first day in our office, and soon they proved that their dedication and diligence were even greater that Serve the City’s team could dream of.

Every week, Marie and Juliette participated in our different projects, and became essential members of many of them. They cooked, packed, and drove food to be distributed. They helped out in distributions and in homework classes. They went shopping for ingredients and piled up boxes of bananas in the early morning, always with a smile. During their last week at Serve the City, Juliette and Marie lead multiple projects for the Big Volunteer Week, proving that they could not only be autonomous but also reliable volunteers.

Thank you, girls, for choosing us as your host. You did make a difference in our lives at the office, as much as you did in all our beneficiaries lives. You enthusiasm and willingness to help other will not be easily forgotten.

© Claudio Caputo

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