Showing Kindness, one delivery at a time!

We have hundreds of amazing volunteers who make Serve the City projects possible day in and day out. From serving food to helping kids with their homework, our volunteers are always eager to serve. A challenge we often face is finding a driver for our driving shifts. Our driver complete essential logisitical tasks, such as delivering food to projects. Most of our projects would not be able to function without these volunteers.

This is why when one of our amazing volunteers, Joseph, said he could help us during the month of June, and he has a driving licence, we jumped at the opportunity to have him join the STC team.

Over the past month, Joseph has completed over 150 hours of driving and supporting our various needs. He has been always ready to jump in when needed, whether it is at 6am to help with our breakfast shift or late at night to help clear up after a long day of events. He has really supported the team and we could not have managed the past month without his support. Thank you Joseph!

If you have some time to spare and you have a driving licence, we would love to welcome you on board our driver team. It does not have to be 150 hours like Joseph, any time you can spare is very well appreciated by the whole team and the thousands of people who depend on the projects.

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